A Foundation as Solid as its People

We shape the homes we build; subsequently, they shape us.

RegalCraft Homes is a family run business that is a culmination of the vision and expertise of one man. The founder of the company was an industry pioneer with close to a half-century of experience, which included decades spent as a consulting engineer, land developer, and builder of industrial, commercial, and residential subdivisions, as well as manufacturer of prefabricated homes. His dedication to perfection, durability, quality and beauty resulted in the creation of a home building company that was committed to making these elements accessible to everyone. Following in his footsteps, the highly qualified and experienced team at RegalCraft Homes is ever mindful that we are here to make your wishes come true. Our philosophy is really very simple: we build for you with the same amount of time, effort, precision, and care as we would for ourselves.

From this promise comes an obsession for the little things. Like an unparalleled passion for meticulous design, an attention to detail that is simply unheard of, and a pride in a job well done, a home well built, and a thrilled client. Unfortunately, many homebuilders today determine success by the sheer scale of the project they undertake. At RegalCraft, we view success by the level of elation our buyers feel when all their hopes and expectations have been surpassed.

At RegalCraft Homes we stay true to our value system by providing a truly distinctive buying experience.To us, this means listening to the needs and desires of our clients. To ensure our clients receive the utmost care, our sales team will guide you through each step of your home purchase. Part of our legacy is building a home that sets itself apart from the rest. This is why each buyer is accommodated with a one on one design appointment where our colour consultant will assist you to choose from the stunning selections of standard and upgraded finishes that make our homes noticeably different. During the construction progress we want to keep you informed and updated, to guarantee that all of your needs have been met. Our Site Supervisor conducts walk-throughs with our clients during various construction intervals to ensure that our clients are better able to visualize these changes. And our client care doesn't stop there; after you move in, our After-Sales Service team will conduct inspections periodically throughout your warranty period to ensure that your transition to your new home is a smooth one.These are the values that make up RegalCraft Homes. Experience the distinction.

Our mantra from day one has purposely been a focus on quality over quantity. As a result, RegalCraft Homes has achieved a reputation of true landmark homes that are custom in their design exclusivity as well as their superior quality materials and craftsmanship. By opting to build exclusive projects, we are better able to take our time to make sure our clients' homes are built to the exact specifications that they clients requested. After all, discerning homebuyers know exactly what they're looking for. And what they're looking for is a better built home, a RegalCraft Home.

Special Comments

It has been a great pleasure to have done business with such a personable company as RegalCraft. We have found your sales associates and team to be both resourceful and professional As you are well aware, it has been a challenging season for the sale of our existing property. The extensions provided by your team of sales associates and corporate office have been greatly appreciated. This journey has definitely been stressful, in which we are happy to say that we have found the support of RegalCraft all the way. It would be a great pleasure to refer your customer and business ethics as referrals to future potential buyers. Once again, thank you so much for your generous extensions that accommodated our transition to be as smooth as possible. …

RegalCraft Homes homeowner, Neighborhoods of Churchill