Video duration is 3:30 minutes

Transcipt: Background music playing throughout. Starts with the RegalCraft Homes logo and slogan, "Building Excellence & Distinction". Scene: Man mowing the lawn. Caption says, "What is a home?". Scene: A woman sips her coffee looking outside her window. Caption says, "A peaceful haven." Scene: Woman in a bath tub surrounded by candle lights. Caption says, "A relaxing retreat". A young female child looks on a birthday cake while a slice is being taken from it. Caption says, "Where memories are made." Scene: Husband and wife sitting on a couch celebrating a score to what seems to be sports on TV. New caption slides in and says, "One company. Redefines a home."

Special Comments

It has been a great pleasure to have done business with such a personable company as RegalCraft. We have found your sales associates and team to be both resourceful and professional As you are well aware, it has been a challenging season for the sale of our existing property. The extensions provided by your team of sales associates and corporate office have been greatly appreciated. This journey has definitely been stressful, in which we are happy to say that we have found the support of RegalCraft all the way. It would be a great pleasure to refer your customer and business ethics as referrals to future potential buyers. Once again, thank you so much for your generous extensions that accommodated our transition to be as smooth as possible. …

RegalCraft Homes homeowner, Neighborhoods of Churchill