Privacy Policy

RegalCraft Homes and its associated housing developments believe strongly that every person has the right to privacy. When registering at our sales offices or visiting our websites, RegalCraft Homes collects personal information from individuals with a commitment to the protection of individual privacy. RegalCraft Homes asks for and maintains information on its visitors and clients to provide a better, more personal experience and to promote special offers. RegalCraft Homes has taken measures to protect the security and confidentiality of personal information. It is our promise that we will not sell or trade any of the information accumulated throughout the course of business about registrants, web visitors, clients or other contacts to any third parties.

Special Comments

We've purchased 3 homes from RegalCraft as a family. RegalCraft Home's has been extremely helpful and accommodating to our needs. They've helped us from the beginning to the end in designing our home, and providing feedback in our decisions. The home itself is a different home, with higher upgrades and exceptional design, where all of the comments from our friends and family have been jaw dropping. RegalCraft Home's PDI service work has been amazing. Having owned 3 different newer homes, the upgrades and design of the home are not something that we would normally get in a regular home. Thanks to RegalCraft for providing us with exceptional service. …

RCH Homeowner